How To Keep Your Dog Safe in Edinburgh
March 17, 2021
Reactive Dog Walking

How To Keep Your Dog Safe from being Stolen by Thieves in Edinburgh

We’ve all seen the news in recent weeks from a rise in dog thefts to Lady Gaga’s dog walker being shot and her dogs stolen, its the stuff of my nightmares. I remember having a dream that I had lost my dog Mabel in a busy train station, I remember being scared out of my mind and whats worse is I woke up like that.

Fingers crossed that you (and I) never have to face either situation of your dog is lost or stolen. But there are always things you can do to ensure your dogs safety on walks and minimise any risks, these are my top tips.

Familiarise Yourself With Routes – Plan Your Dog Walk

In an ideal world you should really stick to routes and walks that are familiar to both you and your dog. Should you become separated your dog will have good idea of where he is and where you might be. When you try out new walks keep you dog on their lead, until the walk is familiar or if you do let them off lead keep them in your line of sight at all times.

Its great that we have plenty of choice when it comes to local parks and being able to let our dogs run and play with other dogs. My own two have a few doggie pals in our local park who I know my two love. We still manage to meet plenty of new dogs and its at this point you need to keep on top of what you dog is doing.

While you know your dog is great at playing and meeting other dogs, some dogs aren’t too great (even though they are off lead) so what out for any changes in body language and behavior in either your dog or the new dog.

Be ready to call your dog back to you before anything can escalate.

You must have effective recall training in place

Online Dog Recall Training Course for Edinburgh areas

This is why I have put together a 3 week online Easy Rapid Recall online Zoom course for £75. To sign up and secure your place in my next class click here.

Each week I will spend an hour with the class (limited to 15 people) teaching you the skills and games that are absolutely needed for a flawless recall. You then get go off a practice in your own time – ideally you only need to spend 5 to 10 minutes practicing your training a few times a day – that’s not much at all is it?

This brand new course starts in 2021 and you won’t find another course like it in Edinburgh. I will be repeating the dog training lessons throughout the rest of the year whilst Lockdown is still in place for the Covid pandemic.

Its also a good idea in general to keep track of your dog, we are all guilty of looking at our phones too much, but it can only take mere moments for your dog to get lost or stolen. There is nothing on Facebook that is worth that is there.

Edinburgh Dog Laws – ID Tag and Collar

It is the law that when your dog goes out for a walk he should have a I.D. Tag on his collar or harness. In basic terms this should have your Surname, Phone number and postcode. Avoid using your dogs name on the tag as it lets perfect strangers know their name and then use to their advantage ie stealing your dog.

Your dog should also be Microchiped, so ensure that your details are ALL correct. If you’ve moved house etc Or your dog is a new adoption you should double check the info on the chip matches you. Microchips are how lost dogs are reunited with owners and if your information is wrong this will cause a delay to having your dog returned.

Effective and Rapid Recall Dog Training

If you ever let your dog off lead, then you must ensure your dog has a rock solid recall – I am talking about 90% bang on and higher. If you can not call your dog back then keep him on a lead, otherwise you run the risk of having a dog classed as out of control should you encounter any problems.

Recall is easy and fun to teach your dog, it can be taught to any age of dog too. I have plenty of fun games that involve my dogs coming back to me without me asking them to ‘come’. If you like to learn how to teach your dog to have a Easy Rapid Recall then click here and sign up to my 3 week course starting 7th April via Zoom.

Unattended Dogs

I still see this a lot, a dog tied up outside a shop, supermarket etc and my heart catches in my throat. All I can think is the owner is basically asking for their dog to stolen or at the very least noticed as a potential target. Leaving your dog unattended gives EVERY stranger a chance to meet your dog and offer them food. If your dog is anything like my Erick, who remembers EVERYONE who has ever fed him a treat then that opens the door for the stranger to call your dog away when hes off lead.

Just don’t leave your dog unattended. Full Stop. There is no need.

If you need any help with dog training, so you can practice safe walks at all times then click here to book a free phone call with me.

Take care


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