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How do I know if my dog is nervous?

My dog Ally is a nervous dog. She doesn’t like a lot of noise happening all at once, walking alongside a busy road is hard for her, she gets jumpy, walks faster to the point she is dragging me along. If she sees something she isn’t familiar with then she cowers and moves slowly until shes either passed it or worked out its not threat. Not long after I got her I realised she hated bikes going mental if she saw one moving.

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How to help your Nervous Dog

What to do when your 4 pawed friend is more like the Cowardly Lion than everyone elses Brave dogs who seem to have an endless supply of that much needed Courage?

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What if your Rescue Dog has issues? The story of my Flash pt 2

Flash bounded into my life in August 2014, he was genuinely the biggest Old English Sheepdog I had seen he had the longest legs and the biggest smile. I have told you about his lack of manners with dogs, that he wouldn’t let me groom him, that he’d drag me about on our walks and how he didn’t have bite inhabition.

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