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Online Dog Training Courses – Learn To Recall

Online Dog Training Courses Learn To Recall

Its strange isn’t it? The idea of learning how to teach your dog recall online, I know what you’re thinking… surely it can not be done. How can it with the trainer on the other side of the Zoom call?

Actually learning Recall this way is the BEST and most FOOLPROOF way to your dog to have an instant reflex to return to you, as soon as you say ‘Come’.

3 Week Online Dog Training Course for Edinburgh areas

This is why I have put together a 3 week online Easy Rapid Recall online Zoom course for £75. To sign up and secure your place in my next class click here.

Each week I will spend an hour with the class (limited to 15 people) teaching you the skills and games that are absolutely needed for a flawless recall. You then get go off a practice in your own time – ideally you only need to spend 5 to 10 minutes practicing your training a few times a day – that’s not much at all is it?

This brand new course starts on Monday 25th January and you won’t find another course like it in Edinburgh. I will be repeating the dog training lessons throughout the rest of the year whilst Lockdown is still in place for the Covid pandemic.

Zoom Dog Training Classes Online 25% Discount for February 2021 

Join my Rapid Recall Course and learn in 3 weeks how to teach your dog to have a flawless recall.

  • Starts Wednesday 3rd February 6.30pm
  • Each Wednesday at 6.30pm join me via Zoom. (Class is approx 1hour long).
  • Fun and easy, you don’t need to spend hours practicing.
  • Work with your dog in the lesson for instant feedback
  • Get full notes in your Inbox after each lesson.
  • Can’t make the class live, no worries you will get a copy of the class recording so you don’t miss out.
  • Gain lifetime access to a my private Facebook group so you can share your progress and get feedback.
  • Limited spaces

Learning Recall – Online Tips and Tricks for Dog Owners

Whenever I get a dog owner inquiring about learning recall, they ask if we can go straight to the park and start there. My answer is always NO. There is no way their dog or they themselves can learn in place full of distractions like other dogs, people, children, birds, squirrels and other assorted wildlife.

Imagine you turning up for your first driving lesson, you are driven to the motorway and then asked to drive. Your instructor will happily tell you how to do it but all you can think is Sh*t look at all the cars while being asked to drive at 70pmh and overtake other cars. There is no way you’ll remember what you did properly even if you do manage to survive.

Now think about asking your dog to learn recall in the park…. its not gonna happen is it??

In the time before the Pandemic there were dog training classes and learning in that environment is hard for your dog. By the time you look at learning recall your dog is familiar with the venue and other dogs but its still distracting for your dog.

Even my presence as the dog trainer in your home can distract some dogs, which makes learning something as important and fun as recall even easier when I am only there on screen!

To be successful at teaching your dog anything… not just recall… you first need to start in a low or no distraction location. There is no better location than your living room for this, I mean your dog is in your home 22 hours a day give or take some time, he is well and truly familiar with the noises, the going-ons, smells, and routines of the humans who live there! So there isn’t really anything distracting for him.

The dogs with the best recall are always practicing it. Recall is a lifelong skill but as with anything if its rarely used then its forgotten. With this in mind I send you full notes for the training and games after each lesson, you will have guide you can constantly refer back to if and when you need it.

One common recall problem I hear ‘He use to be really good at it, but now he ignores me’ I can tell you hand on heart now its because how we humans treat recall. We use to end our dogs fun ie at the end of the walk, come here and I’ll clip your lead on. You end up teaching your dog that coming back means no more play so he just ignores you.

Well I will share with you the tricks you can use to make sure your dog never stops listening to you… amazing right? I will also sure you how to get your dog to come back to you, without you have use your recall cue.

Recall training is fun, easy and best off being taught in your home, then gradually taken outside into more distracting areas so in no time at all you can safely let your dog off lead.

To sign up and secure your place in my next class click here

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