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Do I need a dog walker?

No you may not need a dog walker, only you can really answer that for your dog. You may work from home or be in a position where you can
comfortably take care of your dogs needs yourself. Some of our work from home clients use us to give their dog variety, some dog pals and to
know there is someone who can help with their dog if needed.
Honestly if you are away from home for between 4 and 6 hours then you may want to take on dog walker. No dog should be left for longer then 6 hours.

What is positive re-enforcement?

In a nutshell is means we praise any and all behaviour your dog does that we are happy with. Every time a dog goes to the toilet we tell them good girl / boy. If they return to us when called they get a treat and lots of praise. If they simply do as we ask, play/walk with other dogs correctly we praise. The benefit of this is your dog will repeat the behaviours they are praised for and will be happy to keep repeating them.

Why do you keep games / play short and sweet? why not let the dogs do as they please?

We could let the dogs run around with each other for as long as they want, do as they want or we could keep throwing them a ball for an hour but that will only cause me problems but also you their owner problems. By letting the dogs only play with each other and do as they please they will learn that being with other dogs is the best thing ever! They will soon loose any interest in their humans and be less likely to do as we asked. You will find that when you walk them they’ll be dragging you to meet the dog they’ve just seen… not ideal is it! Your dog will loose all respect for their humans and will want their ball, that other dog and not to walk or play wit us.

My Dog doesn't have good recall can you still take them out?

Absolutely yes we can, we walk a number of dogs who can’t be let off their lead due to poor recall or they haven’t quite got the skill mastered yet. Just because he is on lead doesn’t mean he misses out on the games, his games will be more one to one with his walker. We can even try using a long line training lead to give your dog some freedom while still being under his walkers control and we will practice their recall skills as part of the games we play.

I noticed you charge £18 per walk which is higher then other walkers in the area, why don't you charge the same?

You’re right we do charge more then other dog walkers this because we don’t offer a simple dog walk. We provide your dog with physical
stimulation taking your dog further than the local park , we provide mental stimulation which is often overlooked by playing different games. With the canine qualifications I hold I know what a dog needs to be balanced and healthy, from this knowledge I designed our Adventure Filled Walks. I appreciate that our price may not suit everyone’s budget but then you are giving your dog more than just a dog walk with us.

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