Suzanne aka The Rescue Dog Ranger with her dog Erick at Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh. Photo by Nicola Ptak Photograpgy

 Welcome to Edinburgh Holistic Dogs

Specialising in Training Rescued/Adopted Dogs and Dogs who are Nervours or Reactive. I’ve earned the title of The Rescue Dog Ranger™ and have written the book about everything you need to help your rescue dog.

Edinburgh Holistic Dogs is created by Suzanne and inspired by her life with her Old English Sheepdogs.
We offer our unique Adventure Filled Dog Walks and Practically Perfect Dog Training.
Let Suzanne show you how you can help you with your 4 legged family member.


  • Does your dog ignore you in the park?
  • Can’t take your dog to your local cafe beacuse they embarrass you?
  • Does you dog behave in the house but outside turns into a lunatic?
  • Is your dog shy or anxious?
Answer Yes…. Then let me help you!

 The Home Of The Rescue Dog Ranger™

Transform Your Rescue Dog Into A Calm Confident Canine


  • Are you a new, inexperienced or nervous rescue dog owner?

  • Are you desperate to be a perfect ‘pet parent’ but don’t know where to start with training?

  • Have you discovered your rescue dog just ignores you?

  • Are you embarrassed everytime you walk your rescue dog because he barks at EVERY dog he sees?

You need my book in your life ASAP


The Rescue Dog Rangers Road Map

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As featured in the new book


Edinburgh Holistic Dogs is proud to be representing
Scotland!!! We are so pleased to part of this
elite group of dog walkers.

It is a guide to how dog walkers work and walk all over the world. Its a great little read and very inspiring.


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