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Created by me Suzanne and inspired by my life with my dogs. Offering Adventure Filled Dog Walks and Dog Training with my unique Practically Perfect Protocol™ I’ll show you how I can help you with your 4 legged family member.
  • Does your dog ignore you in the park?
  • Can’t take your dog to your local cafe beacuse they embarrass you?
  • Does you dog behave in the house but outside turns into a lunatic?
  • Is your dog shy or anxious?
Yes… Then let me tell you about my Practically Perfect Dog Training
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As featured in the new book


Edinburgh Holistic Dogs is proud to be representing
Scotland!!! We are so pleased to part of this
elite group of dog walkers.

It is a guide to how dog walkers work and walk all over the world. Its a great little read and very inspiring.


My Published Articles

How To Choose A Dog Walker

As featured in The Edinburgh Reporter. It is you no nonsense guide to selecting the right dogwalker for you and your 4 legged family member.

Why I Don’t Care If Your Dog Is Friendly

As published in The Edinburgh Reporter. Why you should always respect a dog being walked on their lead. Give them space and don’t allow your dog to run up and invade their space.