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adventure filled dog walks

 in Edinburgh​



Does your dog need more than just an average walk around the park?

Do you want to come home to a happy & relaxed dog?

Does your dog need help being a well balanced and socialised dog?


Yes... then let us tell you about our adventure filled walks

If you are coming home to a dog that's bouncing off the walls or they have taken to chewing your shoes. Or maybe you just want them to make new friends and have new experiences then our Adventures are just what your dog needs.

Our adventures are designed to let your dog socialise, make new friends and learn. This is all done with the use of positive re-enforcement while in our care.

If you JUST want a dog walker then you'll need to find yourself someone else....

Our walks are structured to maximise fun and learning, by ensuring your dogs attention is focused on their walker. We get to know each dog as the individual they are and because of this they remain under control when out with us.  We know dogs need mental and physical stimulation along with their fun and our extensive dog knowledge means they go home happy and tired.

So what do you want for your dog?

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"You helped us tame our little terror and helped grow him into a lovely little dog" Simon & Archer

"He has issues I'm confident you understand and can handle him" Emma & Hercules

"As a rescue it is important she has new experiences, socialises, gets good stimulation and exercise" Katy & Molly

Mission Statement

As Featured in the new book


Edinburgh Holistic Dogs is proud to be

representing Scotland!!!

We are so pleased to part of this

elite group of dog walkers.

A holistic approach means the whole dog is taken care of & treated as an individual.

To have a healthy dog they need to be happy, well exercised both physically and mentally.

This encourages a balanced and relaxed dog.


No two dogs are the same so why should they be treated like that? Find out more here

Mission Statement

Here at Edinburgh Holistic Dogs we stand by the following -

  • Respect and support each dog as an individual.
  • Provide exciting adventures.
  • Ensure both mental and physical stimulation is provide.
  • Keep a positive calm attitude with all dogs.
  • Use Positive Re-enforcement.
  • Respect the local community and public spaces.
  • Treat each dog as though they are family.

Here to create happy and positive experiences for you​r pe​ts

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