Easy Rapid Recall

Have you discovered you can’t let your dog off lead? You’ve found that your dog just ignores you outside.

Are you fed up your walks are full stress? You didn’t get a dog to keep them on lead all the time did you?

Does your dog refuse to come back to you? You’re taking the dog lead for a walk around the park while your dog just does as he pleases.

Does your dog take off after each squirrel/bird/cat he sees? How do you stop them before they run into the road or other danger?

Would you like to teach your dog to INSTANTLY come back to you when you ask?

Learn all the skills and training you need in 3 weeks, with my Easy Rapid Recall Online Course.


Having a dog who doesn’t come when called is DANGEROUS if your dog is off lead not listening than your dog can be defined as ‘OUT OF CONTROL’ in the eyes of the law.

How can you keep your dog safe from a road? An oncoming bike? Broken Glass? unseen dangers? when hes happily running around not listening to you.

Special Offer The Course

How about No more chasing after your dog? or Having to keep him on lead all the time?

Join my Rapid Recall Course and learn in 3 weeks how to teach your dog to have a flawless recall.

  • Starts Wednesday 3rd February 6.30pm
  • Each Wednesday at 6.30pm join me via Zoom. (Class is approx 1hour long).
  • Fun and easy, you don’t need to spend hours practicing.
  • Work with your dog in the lesson for instant feedback
  • Get full notes in your Inbox after each lesson.
  • Can’t make the class live, no worries you will get a copy of the class recording so you don’t miss out.
  • Gain lifetime access to a my private Facebook group so you can share your progress and get feedback.
  • Limited spaces
Get all this, put in the effort and you’ll have a dog with flawless recall for only £75 instead of £100. Its training that will last you for your dogs lifetime.
So if you want to avoid chasing your dog, you should join me!
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