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I know exactly what it’s like to share your life with a dog who won’t listen, who kicks off and reacts, and who delivers you challenges you never dreamed you’d face.

And luckily, I now know exactly how to turn it around.

My love is to help you grow a happy, stress-free relationship with your dog

Hi, I’m Suzanne, a dog behaviourist and Dynamic Dog Practitioner.

I approach working with dogs in a holistic manner because this means I look at each dog as a whole individual and don’t just focus on the behaviour that needs to change.

Working with rescue dogs goes hand in hand with this approach as they tend to need a lot more understanding, confidence building, and relationship building before any real training can start.

A holistic approach takes into account a dogs mental, emotional and physical health as well as observing their home life, day-to-day, activity and even diet. My work is about helping and supporting the WHOLE DOG.

One major aspect I also include in all my training programs is making sure the owner feels heard, understood, and supported throughout our sessions and beyond. I have been named your “Reactive Wing Woman” as I help owners find the confidence to walk their dogs and leave the anxiety behind.

Suzanne dog behaviourist and Dynamic Dog Practitioner

It was always a dog’s life for me.

I haven’t always worked with dogs. Truth be told I would have loved to be a Vet, but I wasn’t really smart enough for that.

So I embraced my creative side, completed a degree in Textile Design, and became a clothing designer. I worked for high-street brands and then ended up in Edinburgh as the designer for a family-run ladies’ clothing brand.

Sadly, I was made redundant, so I turned it into an opportunity to switch careers and follow my love of dogs to start my own business.

At the time I owned two Old English Sheepdogs called Flash and Nora.

Flash taught me a lot about having a dog who was full of life and he became my best friend. He triggered my need to learn about dog behaviour and how to help dogs.

I adopted Flash when he was 1 and he had several (unknown) behavioural issues, He was 35kgs and used to doing what he wanted when he wanted.

He had no bite inhibition so I was covered in bruises from his mouthing. He wouldn’t be groomed and sadly arrived with matts which instead meant that my mum and I had to shave him.

Every dog he saw he had to meet, yet he wasn’t sure how to say hello and so every walk involved me being dragged around!!!

During our first month together I did wonder what the hell I had done taking Flash on and I even cried down the phone to my mum more than once! But the reality was I had fallen in love with him and through serious hard work, patience, and determination I was able to undo these habits.

All my dogs have taught me what it meant to bring an adopted dog into your home and that it isn’t straight forward.

5 star review

"She Supported Me as much as she did Fitz"

We contacted Suzanne to help with our foreign rescue dog, Fitz.

From the first email, Suzanne was helpful and supportive. Her programme gave us new tools for supporting Fitz in his daily struggles with meeting dogs outdoors and scary people/objects.

Suzanne provides thorough notes after each session and I always felt I could ask follow-up questions.

She supported me as much as she supported Fitz!

– Hannah & Fitz

About Edinburgh Holistic dogs walking service

The Edinburgh Holistic Dogs Story

I started as a dog walker and quickly gained dogs who’d been fired from other walkers and dogs who were rescues or reactive.

These dogs taught me more than I could’ve ever imagined when it comes to dog behaviour.

Dog walking is something I don’t want to give up because no two walks are the same and more than one has caused me some grey hair.

I started studying dog training and behaviour, and haven’t stopped since. I am constantly learning from the dogs I walk and train, fellow professionals, dog owners, and the courses I undertake.

When I haven’t been out walking dogs, I have been studying hard learning and expanding my canine knowledge. Since I started the business I have achieved the following..

  • Scotland’s First Dynamic Dog Practitioner
  • Diploma in Holistic Canine Behaviour by Canine Principles
  • Diploma in Holistic Canine Care & Therapy
  • Diploma in Canine Communication accredited by New Skills Academy
  • Diploma in Canine Homeopathy
  • Emergency Canine First Aid by R2S
  • Canine First Aid
  • ACE Freework Jump Start Programme
  • Completed Re-framing Reactivity with Janet Finlay

My Dogs & Inspirations



A big lovable Old English Sheepdog he was my best friend for 4 years.

He was a complete flirt, he lived for meeting people. I put his flirting to good use and he became a Therapist visiting care homes and occasionally visiting Edinburgh University for Paws Against Stress.

Sadly Flash crossed the rainbow bridge Dec 2017. He made an everlasting impression on everyone he met, people still talk about him to me today and he has left a huge hole in my life.



She’s a wee furball and always has a smile. Nora loves nothing more than hunting for sticks to carry and chasing birds.

Nora is a known sock thief and full of energy (and never stops moving). Nora is currently back with her breeder, winning dog shows in the UK and Europe!



This big sheepdog arrived in my life in March 2018.

Erick loves nothing more than putting his nose to the ground and following it. He really is a softie and stamps his feet when he wants to play.

I call it his happy dance! Erick likes to pretend I don’t feed him, so will sit pretty for anyone who may have a treat in their pocket.



She has the craziest hair and runs on nuclear energy! Sometimes I think Ally’s paws are made of springs the way she bounces about.

She loves to run and bark at the same time, when she is quiet she prefers to lay on her cool mat even when it’s cold! She is a happy girl whose body shakes when she wags her tail.