How Much Is Professional 121 Dog Training in Edinburgh
December 08, 2021
Reactive Dog Walking

Professional Dog Training in Edinburgh – Reactive and Nervous Behaviour


Rescue Dog Expert Training in Leith and Edinburgh

I was recently speaking to a lady who was enquiring about 121 training for her dog. She recounted to me her story of how she found, and subsequently, adopted her new dog. She filled me in on the problems she was having, the main one being her dog barks at other dogs.

Well, she came to the right person because I specialise in training rescued/adopted dogs. Download my FREE Dog Training eBook.

I briefly explained to her what I knew she needed, how my rewards-based training would help transform her dog, and in turn her life, so she wouldn’t be stressed anymore. I also explained a few of my proven techniques and exactly what training I’d be showing the lady so she can teach her dog. 

Then I told her the price – you would have thought I’d somehow managed to slap her through the phone and told her that her dog was ugly judging by her reaction! She was extremely put out that my standard rate is £85 per hour for dog training ‘Well I didn’t want to spend THAT much money’

What’s the price of NOT investing in professional 121 dog training?

This is an investment in your future with your dog, a future where you don’t have to battle with the problem or problems you are having right now.

  • What if you’re confined to your home because your dog can’t be left alone?
  • What if your dog pulls so much your arm actually aches just thinking about a dog walk?
  • Never mind having to pay for physio
  • …. and what if you’re so nervous that your dog might bark at everything outside that you’re walking at night when no one is about?

So is it really so expensive now?

Send me a message for me to begin to help your dog, plus read all of my professional doggy FAQ. Use your email address to Sign Up For My Dog Training Newsletter (sent not very regularly due to lockdown recently, but I do have a library of introductory articles to send you for the first 10 weeks)

Dog Trainer At Your Door – Tailored Training Plan + 24/7 Phone Support

What your get with a tailored training plan is my time, this one is pretty much a given right considering I am coming to your home for an hour’s visit. But it is so much more than a single hour I am giving you for an hourly rate. After each visit I will go and type up your own tailor-made training plan, exercises and games, again no one size fits all handout. 

Then in between training sessions, I am available to you 24/7 via phone, text, and email aka your trainer in your pocket to help you with any problems you are having right there and then. Or maybe you have a quick question to ask. I usually provide clients with training treats and some form of equipment for them to use and keep. So you’re getting a lot more than an hour of my time really. Contact me today.

How Much Does Adopting a Rescue Dog Cost together with Training

I don’t understand her attitude at all. She was willing to spend her time searching for her perfect dog, spend money adopting the dog, commit to buying food, treats, dog accessories etc for the dog – but spending £255 on 3 hours of 121 training with a professional dog trainer is somehow a step too far.

Rescue dogs my look the most adorable pooches, but often they are far from the perfect dog when you take them home, as this lady discovered.

The truth is that YES at first glance it does look expensive but if you take a step back and think for a moment exactly what it is your getting for that ‘princely’ sum you’ll see it’s actually very reasonable indeed.

My proven training methods, specifically with rescue dogs, have helped hundreds of dogs locally in Leith, Bruntsfield, Morningside, East and South End of Edinburgh, the West End Haymarket Dalry, Stockbridge in the northern region and there’s always the Tollcross Lothian Road and Princes Street areas. I’ve had many clients travel to me from outside of Edinburgh from other parts of Scotland.

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Dog Trainers Prices – What’s Included in the Fees?

For a start my knowledge, yes that’s right this is my most valuable asset. You also get access to my training library of videos, handouts, and other resources all of which take time and effort to create and collate to benefit my clients and their dogs.

I have put hours and months and years into growing my knowledge I am not about to hand it over for free. This really means I have studied, spent time reading books, taking courses, attending talks, and much more. Furthermore, I am continually learning, there is no one big book on dog training to read and memorise its an ever-growing and evolving science, I’d be shit at my job if I didn’t keep up to date with it. 

Think about it like this – if you were to ask me a specific question regarding your dog then I can tailor my knowledge to specifically help you solve your problem.

There is no “one size fits all” generic answers with 121 dog training. 

What is the cost of NOT training your dog?

We don’t bat an eyelid at paying the fees of a car mechanic, plumber or hairdresser. That’s because we have a job that needs doing by someone who can do it right, so why is paying for a dog trainer to solve your dog problems such an issue? 

Say you decide like the lady I spoke too, that you simply do not want spend so much money on your dog, let me give you these to think about, as an untrained dog can get you into all sorts of difficult, embarrassing or even dangerous situations.

  • Zero people and/or dog manners jumping up at or onto people, children or dogs landing you in all sorts of trouble.
  • Growling or barking at people or dogs he doesn’t know can start a dog fight or even get you in trouble with the police regarding Dangerous dog act 1991 A person only has to think a dog may bite them for you to get into trouble.
  • Excessive barking is annoying for you and will upset the neighbours too prompting visits from environmental health and or the dog warden.
  • What if he has no recall then he could run off, cause an accident or get stolen.
  • When your dog can’t settle in the car, you can’t concentrate on your driving.
  • A dog who suffers from separation anxiety can destroy your home, upset the neighbours and create a stressful home life for you.  

Basically, a badly behaved dog can really restrict your lifestyle. I’ve known dogs to ruin friendships/relationships, ruin property, and get hurt all because they’ve not been trained.

Rescue Dogs with No Training – Professional Training For Humans

I help humans whose dogs have never had any training, it doesn’t matter because with training we start at the beginning work out what is causing the problem and teach the dog how to make the right choice or do something else that’s better. Problems I encounter are 

  • Going to the toilet indoors
  • Jumping up and on guests instead of being calm.
  • Being able to see dogs without showing fear or aggression
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Inappropriate chewing and destructive behaviour
  • Not settling in a pub or restaurant
  • Guarding of their food, toys or owner – not allowing anyone else near them
  • Chasing cars, bicycles or livestock

Training your dog isn’t always easy and generally speaking, it can take a while. But it can be done and it’s such an amazing feeling when you look back and see what you’ve achieved.

It doesn’t matter what breed your dog is, how old he is or what his background was, I can help you and your dog overcome your problems so you can have the stress free life you envisioned before you brought your dog home. The cost of hiring a dog trainer is really priceless! 

If you need help with your rescue dog, reactive dog or general dog training get in touch by clicking here and telling me about your dog problems! 

Take care x

Suzanne aka The Rescue Dog Ranger®

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