Why I’m ‘In The Dog House’ with Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home!

Yes thats right, I am officially ‘In The Dog House’ with The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home (EDCH). Further more I’m proud to have been chosen to put in there well me and several other Edinburgh locals!

In The Dog House is an annual fundraising event held by EDCH, each participant is put into their own kennel armed only with their mobile and laptop. From 10am to 4pm on Friday 27th September we have to raise as much money as possible for the charity – oh and the person who raises the most in the 6 hours gets crowned Top Dop! To quote Barney Stinston ‘Challenge Accepted’! Yes its gonna be a challenge because EDCH have challenged us to raise £1000 each (I have actually given myself a target of £1500), or they won’t let us out! Seriously any money we raise will be welcomed by EDCH as they rely souly on donations to help the dogs and cats in their care.

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About The EDCH

The EDCH take in lost or abandoned pets from all corners of Edinburgh and the Lothians. Last year alone the EDCH cared for 2804 Dogs and 941 Cats so you can imagine its not going to be cheap to do all that, so every £1 counts. The Edinburgh Dog and Cat home receive no government or statutory funding meaning they rely on donations through their charity shops, sponsored events, sponsors and their regular giving scheme – which I also donate too. But these aren’t my main reasons for taking part in ‘In the Dog House’ as a life long dog lover and owner I would do anything to help a dog in need – alas my home and wallet hinder me! Where would the dogs and cats of Edinbrugh be if they found themselves without a home for whatever reason?

The Dogs in my Life

I have only ever adopted my dogs, although they haven’t come through the EDCH I do know whats it like to adopt a dog and bring them into my home. The nerves and excitement that are involved as my new dog and I find out more about each other with every passing day. . Sometimes adopting a dog isn’t straight forward they might have an unknown history or a questionable history. Your chosen dog might not be suitable for you, they might need training or have a chronic illness. But don’t let any of the above put you off because nearly everything is manageable and there is always plenty you can do.

In the years since having my own dogs I have adopted Mabel, Flash, Nora, Erick and Ally at various points in their lives and I been through a lot with them all too. Sadly Mabel and Flash are no longer here but my experience with them put me on my path to become a dog walker and dog trainer. Flash is the inspiration behind Edinburgh Holistic Dogs and my Practically Perfect dog training where I speicalise in Rescue/Adopted Dogs Only training classes.

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The Dogs I work with

Beyond my own dogs I have the privilege to walk plenty of dogs who themselves have been adopted. Chief among them is Tizer who was adopted from The EDCH, he landed on his paws with his forever home, where he is much loved and spoiled. I like to think of him as my nephew as I see him everyday and he is great pals with my dogs. Tizer and all the dogs I walk are part of my family. I work with a lot of rescue dogs and their humans who need help with training, being a rescue dog can be stressful, going into a new home can be anxious and adjusting to their new life can be hard work. Thats where I come in, providing confidence and fun for both dogs and their new family.

I also train and walk a lovely yet excitable Staffie called Finn, he just turned one and was rehomed in Feb this year. He was given up the home and was rehomed but sadly if failed as Finn was too energetic for the young children. He was rightly returned to the EDCH where he found his new forever home. He has landed on his paws.

 But imagine had the EDCH not been there, what would have become of Tizer and Finn?It is sad that we need Rescue Centers but some events and circumstances in life can’t be avoided meaning dogs are given up or find themselves on the streets. This is where the Edinburgh Dog and Cat home come in and save them from an uncertain/bleak future.

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Will You Help Me?Knowing the joy a dog can bring to your life, knowing the EDCH are saving lives, knowing that the EDCH are an integral part of Edinburgh and knowing that every dog and cat currently waiting to be adopted deserves their second chance, these are the reasons I’m ‘In the dog house’ and giving up a work day to do it.So if you could help me out Friday 2th Sept I would be very grateful.
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Take Care


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