Is My Dog In Pain?
Dynamic Dog Assessment

Suzanne is Scotland’s First and ONLY Dynamic Dog Practitioner and One of a small number of Canine Professionals world wide qualified to assess your dogs posture and movement.


Have some form of undiagnosed pain that was either contributing to or the direct cause of a problematic behaviour.

It’s not always a limp or a whine! Pain related behaviour is extremely complex. A dog in chronic pain or discomfort might express their pain by

  • Reacting to specific triggers
  • Altering how they walk and move
  • Avoid certain positions ie reluctant to sit
  • Growling or snapping when touched or asked to move
  • Moving away from you when you sit next to them
  • Sensitive to loud sounds.
  • Anxious or stressed for unknown reasons
  • Reluctant to go for walks
  • Hyperactivity or restlessness
  • Depressed or irritable

This list is by no means exhaustive. More often than not the signs are VERY subtle and go unnoticed for weeks, months and even years!

But if we take time to analyse a dogs movement, their posture and how they undertake day to day activites we can identify potential areas of pain or discomfort.

This is where Dynamic Dog Assessment comes in.

As a Dynamic Dog Practitioner I’ve been trained to recognise good conformation, gait and postures in dogs. As well as identify abnormal gait and posture, which can help with diagnosing pain and aid behaviour modification.

Book a call with me to find out if a Movement Assessment is what you need or if you’d like more information

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Does My Dog Need A Movement Assessment?

There a few indicators that might mean a thorough look at your dogs natural posture and movement maybe worth investigating.

Has your dogs Reactive/Unwanted Behaviour been difficult to fully undo or has it continued to get worse?

Has their anxiety failed to improve even after medication?

Does their behaviour seem to happen at random times or gets worse as the day progresses?

Do they snap or growl when you stroke a particular part of their body?

You can’t find a rhyme or reason to predict their behaviour?


Do they no longer like cuddles or move away when you sit next to them?
Answering yes could indicate that Movement and Posture Assessment would be beneficial

What Happens?

A Dynamic Dog assessment is very different from most canine behavioural assessments.

ALL aspects of both you and your dogs day to day life are taken into consideration from their behaviour, to what they eat, to the way they move, sleep, play and routines. I don’t shy away from questions about your dogs pooping habits either!

Working with a sound knowledge of the inner structures and systems of the dog, I also understand the impact that emotional and physical health may have on a dogs behaviour. Everything is connected, and that is why we insist on a FULL and DETAILED assessment when working with you & your dog.

The Deep Dive  this may be carried out in person or on Zoom depending on your location. Lasting approximately 90 mins we take a look at what life is like for you and your dog.

Data Gathering Additional information in visual form. You will be asked to send photo’s and video’s of your dog doing various activities. Don’t worry its very straight forward.

Evidence Analysis I then spend 48hrs going over all the data & information

Veterinary Report & Liaison I then write a comprehensive veterinary report with corresponding evidence to ensure that any underlying health issues are diagnosed and supported. I talk you through my findings too so you can understand the report too.

Behaviour Management Plan This may be a short term to help you micro manage behaviour whilst additional Veterinary support is given or longer term help can be discussed depending on assessment outcomes

Do I have to sign up for behaviour training with you after the assessment?

No you don’t. The report I write is yours to keep and share with your chosen canine professional. I may provide some behaviour management to help you and your dog, but anything further we can discuss. 

I work with several other behaviourist to provide assessments for the dogs they are currently working with.



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Will you tell me whats wrong with my dog after the assessment?

No. I can not diagnose problems by Law only a qualified Vet can make a diagnosis for your dog.

From the assessment I point out and provide evidence of what I see. Your Vet can review all this and make a decision with you about what do next to get a diagnosis.

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