The Rescue Dog Ranger Book

The Rescue Dog Ranger™ Road Map.

Transform Your Rescue Dog Into A Calm Confident Canine

  • Are you a new, inexperienced or nervous rescue dog owner?

  • Are you desperate to be a perfect ‘pet parent’ but don’t know where to start with training?

  • Have you discovered your rescue dog just ignores you?

  • Are you embarrassed everytime you walk your rescue dog because he barks at EVERY dog he sees?

Well then you’re in the right place, this book has been written to transform your life and the life of your rescue dog.


Did you know that 1 in 5 dogs are returned to the rescue/shelter they came from?  Thats a whopping 20% of dogs who are rehomed more than once. The most common reason is due to training or behaviour problems such as barking at other dogs, being difficult aka not listening, not being able to settle down in their new home, being unmanageable…. the list goes on.

If you’ve ever moved to a new school or changed jobs you know that change can be difficult. Now, imagine you are a rescue dog whose had his world turned upside down and inside out, AND he doesn’t speak your language so can’t tell you how he feels!

That’s the challenge you are facing with your new adopted dog. If you want to avoid the heartache of returning your dog to the rescue then you need to nail your new routine during the crucial first few days, weeks and months.

This takes love AND a kind, effective training plan, that gives your rescue dog the structure he needs to successfully settle into his new home.

These problems can be easily addressed and avoided with time, paitence and the right methods in place. This is where my book will help you, showing you how best to teach your dog and get best out of life togther.

"This is a must read for anyone who wants to rehome a dog. Once your dog is home Suzanne is your personal Rescue Dog Ranger taking you through all the moments from collecting your new dog, to being at home, to walking and to training your dog and beyond"

Sally Cousins

"What I loved about Suzanne’s book was her honesty throughout her journey with her own dogs, and how her knowledge grew as her relationship with them evolved.
If you are a dog guardian looking for a fun and informative read, I recommend you read this book"

Stephanie Zikmann

The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over again, expecting different results.

This sums up most problems dog-parents have with their rescue dogs when it comes to training them. You go around in endless circles trying to stop your dog barking everytime he sees another dog. I bet you try to block his view of said dog, which leads to you performing some sort of crazy side step dance in the the street.

You repeatedly call then shout your dogs name, to find out you migh as well be talking to the wall, as you’re flat out ignored. Honestly if your dog doesn’t acknowledge you by the 3rd call of his name, you might as well quit because he isn’t about to start listening.

How about the crazy energy filled rescue dogs, let me guess you say ‘its ok he’ll grow out of it’ alot and yet he never seems to calm down right?

This book will help you with all above and more, your dream of a dog who listens, can see another dog without kicking off or calm dog can be a reality for you.

You love him with all your heart, can’t imagine life without your rescue dog however things need to change for the better. So you bring the love and I’ll help you with the training. 

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Suzanne Gould, The Rescue Dog Ranger™, and I specialise in helping nervous rescue dogs (and their stressed out owners) become calm, confident canines which in turn creates chilled out dog parents.  

I have only ever owned rescue dogs, and I currently live with dogs 4th and 5th in my life Erick and Ally. My dogs have come to me at different points in their lives and each with their own issues.

Flash was the second dog I adopted was a total nightmare, this was in my former life when I workded as a fashion designer. The journey Flash and I went on was long he had separation anxiety among other things to overcome. Due to the work I did with Flash he became a confident dog.

I decided to go on and learn to help rescue, reactive and nervous dogs. I know how to build up a dogs confidence ensuring he listens to you, the games to use to help him overcome nerves, the exercises to help him relax and so much more. All done with fun and happiness.

Problem Dog Trainer Edinburgh Reactive Anxious Rescue Dog Training 121 Leith

What a cracking little book, I wish I'd had this information 17 years ago when I rescued my first dog. Suzanne has already helped so many people with their dogs and now this book will help even more! If you are thinking about rescuing a dog, read this first!!

Tam Wilson

Her advice that Suzanne shares with you is invaluable and will set you up for success with your new rescue dog. I just love her easy to follow step by step training she has provided in the book too.

Carrie Stuthridge
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