Nervous dog

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Has My Dog Got Chronic Pain?

Dog Training Edinbugh Advice – Has My Dog Got Chronic Pain? It a strange question isn’t it? Surely you’d know if your dog was in pain or discomfort, they’d tell us humans right? Well its not always obvious, it can cause complex behaviours to emerge and it can go undiagnosed for  weeks, months and even …

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How do I know if my dog is nervous?

My dog Ally is a nervous dog. She doesn’t like a lot of noise happening all at once, walking alongside a busy road is hard for her, she gets jumpy, walks faster to the point she is dragging me along. If she sees something she isn’t familiar with then she cowers and moves slowly until shes either passed it or worked out its not threat. Not long after I got her I realised she hated bikes going mental if she saw one moving.

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