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The Canine Christmas Survival Guide

Reactive Dog Training Edinburgh – Reducing Stress at Christmas Christmas a perfect time to get together, have fun, eat lots, binge watch some TV and have a merry time. But it can be a stressful time for your dog, during a normal week your dog might spend a lot of time on their own and …

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How Much Is Professional 121 Dog Training in Edinburgh

Professional Dog Training in Edinburgh – Reactive and Nervous Behaviour   Rescue Dog Expert Training in Leith and Edinburgh I was recently speaking to a lady who was enquiring about 121 training for her dog. She recounted to me her story of how she found, and subsequently, adopted her new dog. She filled me in …

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How To Help Your Reactive Dog

Reactive Dog Training Edinburgh Tips To Help Your Pooch Living and working in Leith, Edinburgh is hard work when you have a reactive and anxious dog, I should know I live with my own barking lunctic Ally in the heart of Leith. Ally is a 3 year old, Old English Sheepdog who looses her calm …

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Are Ready to Adopt a Rescue Dog?

Are You Dog Ready? So you’re probably thinking ‘well duh yes I am ready’. There is way more to becoming a dog parent then offering your undying love and providing a loving home. Lets prove you’re ready and see if you can answer Yes to ALL these questions. Do you know the cost of having …

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How to Introduce Your New Dog To Friends, Family and Other Dogs.

Congratulations on your new dog whether you’ve adopted him or have brought home a pup, when it comes to meeting new people lets make sure you set off on the right paw! If you are anything like me, you just want to show off your new dog and get your friends around to meet him asap. You just want them to fall in love with your dog like you did. But guess what… you need to take things slowly, this will make life easier and calmer for your dog.

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Get Your Dog To Listen by Strengthening Your Bond.

You will already have a bond with your dog by providing him with a warm home, a cosy bed, food and safe place to live. A bond is that invisible rope that ties you both together, it goes beyond love. It helps you both gain trust and confidence in each other these are the foundations of the bond. This bond is what keeps your dog from taking off without when he sees an open door or you let him off lead in the park. Its keeps him engaged and listening to you, it is in short a big deal.

How To Choose The Right Groomer For My Nervous Dog

The first thing you must be conscious of is that grooming is a procedure which most dogs relate the Vets to. Typically, the environment is stressful and over-crowded, the atmosphere is rushed and on-edge and, the general approach is “get the dog done in 1.5 hours” – the dog grooming industry is more of a fashion industry than a welfare one.

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