Solo Walks

If group walks aren’t your dogs thing then a solo walk is just the treat for them.
For an hour your dog will get my undivided attention.
Along with my positive attitude
we will walk in a suitable place for them and their needs.

The walk may include

  • Treat finding – sniffing games are great mental stimulation and sniffing actually helps relax dogs.
  • Recall practice – to ensure your dog stays safe when off lead.
  • Games – including fetch, chase with their walker to help the dogs tire themselves out.
  • Command Practice – whatever commands your dog knows be it sit, down, back, stand, paw we practice them all to make your dog work for treats.

Every dog is different and we love that.
Why give your dog average when they can have unique adventures?

1 hour Solo walk – £25
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Since being on walks with you I have found she is very carefree on lead

Wyn & Tiny

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