Romanian Dog Training

Are you worried about how your rescue dog will settle? You want the best for your new dog and you just want to avoid making mistakes as your dog settles in.

Does your rescue dog ignore you? No matter what you do, he seems happier on his own.

Is your rescue dog struggling in their new home? You feel like you’ve let down your rescue. Do they seem to be full of anxiety?

Are walks a battle of wills between you and your rescue? Are you finding yourself being dragged around? Or does your dog refuse to be walked on lead?

 Its not quite the life you dreamed of is it when you decided open your home to a rescue dog? You thought that life would be a little more straight forward, but its great to see you here looking for help.

I am known as The Rescue Dog Ranger® due to my work with rescued dogs and the fact I have always had Rescued/Adopted dogs myself.

I can help you solve your Rescued Dog Problems with my training programme Reluctant Rescue to Confident Canine

Suzanne from Edinburgh Holistic Dogs helped us so much with our Romanian rescue dog. We went from an over-reactive and stressed dog to a really confident and more relax one. All of the advice was great and specific to our dog and her problems

Axelle & her dog Cali

Set You and Your Rescue Up To Win

Romanian and Foreign rescue dogs are like no other dogs you know. Usually these dogs are either former street dogs or descended from street dogs, this means their priorities and typical behaviours are different to our British dogs.

When adopting a rescue dog you will find that your dog is easily startled, likes to bark or very anxious in their new life.

All this effects how your dog learns and is the reason that traditional training can fail.

I have learned that these dogs need help with confidence and trust, as well owners who can understand them.

With all this in mind I have created a special training programme for Romanian and Foreign Rescue dogs – Reluctant Rescue to Confident Canine.

Training Programme

  • 6 x 1 hour 121 sessions – Fortnightly appointments
  • A bespoke training plan tailored to you and your dog.
  • Typed up notes after each session.
  • A basic movement & posture assessment
  • An Enrichment toy or training aid to help you win.
  • A welcome pack of my favorite training treats
  • 27/4 access to me – think of me as your personal dog trainer in your pocket.
  • Private Facebook community
  • Takes places over 12 weeks.

I am proud to be UK’s First Affiliate Dog Trainer with Meesh Masters of Training The DOGS point of View.

Meesh is a leading expert on Romanian Rescue Dogs. The focus of Meesh’s work as a canine professional is Holistic Human-Canine Coaching, Training & Behaviour Consultancy. I have studied with Meesh, passed her course which allowed me to become an affiliated trainer with her.

Get In Touch Now

To Find out more about this plan, ask me questions and to see if you are suitable to take up the plan then  book a FREE telephone appointment with me CLICK HERE

Or simply fill out the form below to email me. Don’t forget to tell me about your dog and any training challenges you are currently facing.

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