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I learned really useful skills and disciplins in class that we'll continue to practice.

I loved the 'Touch' cue and it was really interesting to see Babs respond differently to each task... some were easier than others for her!

The dogs enjoyed the class and the atmosphere in the room was very positive with lots of fun along the way!

Suzanne & Babs

Beginners Graduate.

We really enjoy classes. The small class size was great, lots of 1:1 attention and a calm quiet environment to work in.

You have a very calm style of teaching and you let everyone learn at their own pace.

Carlye and Minnine

Puppy Graduate.

We liked finding skills that can be used to distract our dog from off lead dogs, especially liked Nose Touches.

We found the common sense and extremely logical approach that you take is incredibly helpful.

I absolutely recommend the classes the techniques we were taught have help greatly on out walks.

Mark & Skip

Beginner Graduate.

The handouts were perfect, you could easy refer back to them and keep a record. It meant my partner could pick them up and see what we'd be doing and follow along at home without being in the classes.

Everything we learned just helped solidify what we had been trying and failing to implement ourselves.

You have the patience of a Saint!

No dog was too much of a challenge, you knew how to adapt exercises for each dog and advance them do no dog was sitting around bored.

Samantha and Apollo

Beginners Graduate.

I really enjoyed classes, and they have been very useful.

I liked nose boops and in the middle because they are a great way of getting Biscuit to calm down a bit when we are out and about.

I was a bit apprehensive about starting classes! I attended training classes with Biscuit when she was about 6 months old but found them very stressful (too many dogs in the class, amongst other things).

I really enjoyed working with you. You are very calm with the dogs & owners and always take the time to explain things. And you make time to give each owner lots of individual help. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves (which was definitely NOT the case in the classes I did before). It also really helps to hear stories about your dogs, and your experiences.

Gail and Biscuit

Beginner Graduate.

I really enjoyed spending time with Tiny outside of our regular routine. The class challenged both of us, It was exciting to see Tiny and the other dogs learn.

I would recommend this class to other because Suzanne is so incredibly skilled with dogs. It is obvious she has a special talent of being able to work so well with the dogs.

Wyn and Tiny

Beginner Graduate.