Reactive Dog Training

Training for Your Reactive Dog

Does your dog like to bark first and ask questions later? I bet you weren’t prepared for this behaviour when it started, now your walks take place at odd times to avoid the chance your dog reacts.

Are You Stressed Out Because Your Dog is Scared of People OR New Places & You’re Not Sure What To Do? You find yourself questioning if you are helping or hindering your dog, why can’t he be relaxed like he is at home.

Does Your Dog Hate Bikes, Cars? Its not like you can avoid them but you don’t want your dog going nuts everytime one passes you.

Are You Feeling Isolated? The dream of having a dog is out the window as you can’t have friends visit, you can’t take your dog to the cafe, you walk to avoid other dog owners in short your life is upside down.

I know the pain, embarrassment, stress of walking and owning a reactive dog. The life you dreamed of when you decided to get a dog has disappeared  and now you’re left praying that you make it through each walk without an incident.

My Unique Training Plan ‘Reactive to Calm’ is the answer your reactive dog problems.

Shit Happens

When you have a reactive dog you live in a smaller world. You walk at certain times of the day to avoid people and dogs, you go to the same places you’ve deemed ‘safe,’ and you do your best to control your dogs environment at all times. You do your best to keep your dog calm, but sometimes shit happens.

You can’t control everything. You can’t control dumb dog owners that their off lead dogs approach your dog.Although you try your best to keep your dog in their comfort zone shit is going to happen. Don’t blame yourself.

What you can do is train and help your dog see the world a different way, turn what you dog feels the need to bark at something neutral. You can also use different management tools to help prevent your dog reacting when shit happens.

Training a reactive dog is not simple, and there is no magic cure or quick fix. It’s the one of toughest thing I deal with as a trainer and a reactive dog owner.

I have developed an 10 week training programme especially for Reactive Dogs and their Humans. My Reactive to Calm Programme is answer to your reactive problems

Reactive to Calm Training Programme

  • 6 x 121 60min sessions with me in your home and outside as needed.

  • A detailed look at your dogs life and enviroment to make easy changes.

  • Bespoke training plan for you and your Reactive Dog.

  • Typed up training notes for you to follow after each visit.

  • An Enrichment toy to help with training.

  • A collection of my favourite Training Treats.

  • Dog Trainer in your pocket – 24/7 Access to me via email/phone/whatsapp so you don’t have to wait for a session to ask me a question or tackle an problem that as arisen.

  • Video analysis of your training inbetween sessions.

  • This takes place over a 10 week period

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To Find out more about this plan, ask me questions, then you can book a FREE telephone appointment  CLICK HERE

Or simply fill out the form below to email me. Don’t forget to tell me about your puppy and any training challenges you are currently facing.

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