Training for your Puppy.

  • Are you finding training your new puppy overwhelming? Did you know ou started training your puppy the day you brought him home, so how do you know you aren’t messing it up?

  • Is your puppy like a whirlwind of non stop energy? You play, walk, feed him but he never stops. Its stressing you out and not what you were expecting!

  • Do You fear that you’ll never able to let your puppy off lead? Your puppy just ignores you outside, You have realised that the only reason your puppy is next to you is because of the lead in your hand.

  • Have you found your puppy is more shark than dog? It was cute to begin with but now your puppy is always biting you, your kids, your clothes and he won’t stop no matter how much you shout!

  • You matter how many times you ask, puppy just doesn’t listen! He behaved yesterday but today, he won’t listen to you tell him off or do as you ask. Your puppy won’t stop being naughty.

Then my Puppy Perfection Plan is for you and your family, turn your puppy nightmare into a puppy dream.

Puppies are all individuals so why should you train your puppy with a 'one size fits all' style traditional training plan??

Getting a puppy is an amazing and stressful time, you’re no doubt in love with your new fur ball. Its all too easy to mess up your puppies training well intentioned mistakes ae easily made.

How do you know when its ok to let your puppy play off lead?

How can yo stop them pulling on the lead??

Will they ever listen to what you want?

The Puppy Perfection Plan is a 121 training programme takes place in your home and surrounding area as needed so you can have training on your timetable.

With this plan you get 6 x 60min 121 sessions with me, together we will decided what you want from your puppy and I will provide you with a bespoke training plan.

I will help you navigate your puppy problems and dilemmas. I will show you how you can teach your puppy, set him up to be a superstar and then envy of your friends.


Puppy Perfection whats included….

  • 6 x 121 60min sessions with me in your home and outside as needed.

  • Bespoke training plan for you and your pup.

  • Typed up training notes for you to follow after each visit.

  • An Enrichment toy to help with training.

  • A collection of my favourite Training Treats.

  • Dog Trainer in your pocket – 24/7 Access to me via email/phone/whatsapp so you don’t have to wait for a session to ask me a question or tackle an problem that as arisen.

  • Video analysis of your training inbetween sessions.

  • This takes place over a 8 week period

To Find out more about this plan, ask me questions you can book a FREE telephone appointment CLICK HERE

Or simply fill out the form below to email me. Don’t forget to tell me about your puppy and any training challenges you are currently facing.

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