Practically Perfect Private 121 Dog Training

121 Private Dog Training

Does your dog drive you crazy by barking at other dogs when you take for walks?

Are you stressed out with your dogs lack of listening skills?

Does your dog like to pull on the lead and drag you around?

Does your dog struggle being left on his own?

 Well then you’ve come to the right place. Let me help you and your dog!


Is Your Dog A Whirlwind of Energy ?

Are you stressed because your dog never tires out?
Does your dog get over excited meeting people and dogs?
Are you struggling to cope with your dog?

Got a New Rescue Dog?

Do you want to be the perfect Paw-rent to your new rescue dog but don't know where to start?
Are you stressed that you can't leave your dog alone?

Does your dog bark at other dogs?

Are you embarrassed everytime your dog sees another dog because starts barking?
Do you feel worn out and struggle to stop him?

Dog Training To Solve Your Dog Problems

No doubt you’re just like me and you decided that bringing a dog into your life would be great, you’d go on long walks, have coffee shop visits, cuddle time on the sofa… however that all seems like some sort of fantasy now.

You love your dog to pieces, however he is slowly driving you up the wall.

That was me when I adopted my second dog Flash (the business logo) he was a nightmare. He is the reason I became a dog trainer and why I love helping owners just like you learn how to teach their dogs and solve their problems together,

With my Private 121 Training you get instant access to my expert knowlegde and further more a training program that is tailored to your needs and lifestyle!

I’ll make your fantasy life with your dog a reality!

Did you know one of the most common reasons dogs are given up is due to training issues like Hyperactivity, bad behaviour and Barking… how awful is that?

What is worse still these are easy problems to overcome with time and training.

The training I teach is Fun and Easy for you as well as your dog!

You don’t need to spend hours a day training your dog, I don’t so I don’t expect you to either.

My dog training will solve your dog training problems and help you have the life you want with your dog!

Check out the packages below, get in touch and tell me what dog problems you have.

121 Private Training Packages

Pracitcally Perfect

Do you feel you and your dog need a little training refresher? Or do you have a singular problem to sort out? Then this is the package for you.
£ 135
  • 1 x 90 min Sessions via Zoom or In person
  • We’ll go over basic training skills
  • How to teach your dog and set them upto wi
  • Even look at the right equipment and toys too
  • You’ll also get typed up notes after the visit, On going email support for 1 week after the visit.

Pracitcally Perfect Polished

Got more then one problem you’re struggling with? Maybe you and you dog haven’t done any dog training together before and need help? Then this package may be for you.
£ 255
  • 3 x 60min Sessions via Zoom / In person
  • Introduction to dog training basics.
  • Specific training tailored to your problems or needs.
  • Look at the right equipment, toys and games for you both.
  • Immediate WhatsApp support as needed.
  • Typed up notes after the visits. On going Support for two weeks after the final visit.

Pracitcally Perfect

Has your dog become a more than a handful on your daily walks or in the home? Are you living with a whirlwind of energy and you don’t know what to do?
£ 375
  • 5 x 60min Sessions via Zoom / In person
  • Introduction to training basics
  • Specific training tailored to your problems.
  • Home work after each session.
  • Immediate WhatsApp support as needed.
  • Typed up notes after the visits On going Support for three weeks after the final visit.

Get In Touch

To book your place or ask any questions please complete the form below.

If you want to book into a class please state which class and location you are booking. Plus a bit of info about you and your dog.

I will get back in touch with sign up forms and payment information.
Please note payment is required to secure your place.

Refunds are not issued for missed classes.

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