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practically Perfect Rescue Dogs



Does your dog need more than just an average walk around the park?

Do you want to come home to a happy & relaxed dog?

Does your dog need help being a well balanced and socialised dog?


Training Classes for Rescue/Adopted Dogs Only!

Have you just brought home your new dog?

Are they getting stressed in their new home?

Does Your Dog Bark at Other Dogs?

Does Your Dog Ignore You?

Do you want to be able to take your dog on care free walks?

 These classes are for you.

Who are the classes for?

If you have recently adopted a dog within in the last few months.

Or have a dog who is shy and lacking in confidnce.

Or maybe your dog just likes to chat or can't

concentrate around other dogs

The classes are suitable for any age of dog from

5 months and upwards.

There is a maximum of 4 dog in class to ensure you

also get 1 to 1 training.

I ask is that your dog isn't Human or Dog aggressive as they won't be suitable for group classes - please check out my Private Dog Training

What do the classes involve?

Over 6 weeks you will learn Exercises and Games that include

Nose Boops - getting your dog to touch your hand on cue.

Stuck in the Middle - a fun trick that helps give your dog somewhere

safe to sit.

Give me the toy and Fetch the toy - getting your dog confident  working with you.  Plus much more!

Confidence week - where you and your dog will have lots of fun with the agility tunnel, getting your dog jumping on to benches and through hoops plus much more.

Scent week - getting your dog to use their powerful nose to hunt out the treats in a variety of games with your help.

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Classes are held at YMCA Edinburgh, 1 Junction Place, Leith.

Every Wednesday Evening at 7.45pm

Classes start 5th February 2020

Email to secure you spot now!! There are only 4 places

or get in touch about Practically Perfect Private Training

For the course of 6 lessons you have the below options.

You get at 24page Workbook with the class to keep!

full of notes and bonus homework too.

For Your Copy of my Free Ebook 'The Best Way to Welcome Your New Rescued Dog Home' Click Here

Bronze Package

You Get -

6 x 1 hour classes.

Welcome Pack with a packet of Training Treats.

24page workbook.

Email support for the duration of the course.


Silver Package - Most Popular

As Bronze Plus

Plus 1 x 1hr outdoor training walk held on the weekend during the 4th week,

Dogs and their parents will join me for a walk in the real world to put into practice what we’ve learned.

Access to a Private Facebook Group where you can access weekly course notes, ask me questions anytime, contect with other owners and show off your dogs skills.


Gold Package

As Silver Plus

60 mins 1 to 1 training with me, where I will come to your home or go for a walk with you and your dog to help with any general problems you're having.

To be taken during the 6 week course.



To book your place or ask any questions please send me an email

[email protected]

If you want to book into a class please state which class and location you are booking. Along with a few details about your and your dog.

I will get back in touch with sign up forms and payment information.

Please note payment is required to secure your place.

Refunds are not issued for missed classes.