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Does your dog need more than just an average walk around the park?

Do you want to come home to a happy & relaxed dog?

Does your dog need help being a well balanced and socialised dog?


Split into 2 blocks of 6 weeks to take in your own time and in any order you wish.

In Part 1 you'll learn

Basic exercises such as 'Down Dog' asking your dog to lie down on cue. 'Sit Still' teaching your dog to remain sitting as you move away and my favourite 'Nose Boops' asking your dog to touch your hand with their nose!

Teaching your dog to walk without pulling you about and Come back to you when called too.

Part One you will also learn scent games called 'All the Sniffs' this is about you and your dog working together.  'Stuck in the Middle' is a great exercise to get your dog moving in and around you, this is my dog Ericks favourite thing.

Included in this part is an Enrichment Toy for your dog, a Train'n'treat ball is a great reward toy after training and also to encourage their nose work!

Beginner Ford who is the master at staying in a down while his paw-parent moves around him.

What will you learn?

'Like part 1 you will strengthen your basic skills of 'Down Dog' can your dog remain in a dog while there are distractions going on around them?

Can you and your dog complete the obstical course without your dog pulling you along? Will your dog be the quickest dog in the 'come here' races? These games will help you and your dog develop flawless skills.

Part two we focus on 'Give me the toy' asking your dog to let go of their toy on cue and also 'Get me the toy' asking your dog to go get their toy and bring it back.

'Let's spin and twist' asking your dog to move in circles in different directions this helps build their confidence at following your instructions and well its just good fun!

Included in this part is an Tug Training Toy to help you practice your new exercises at home!

Apollo bringing his Tug Toy back to mum Samantha!