Practically Perfect Basics Classes

Wish your Dog wouldn’t pull like a trooper on the lead?

Do they carry on playing in the park instead of coming back to you?

Does your dog behave in the home but goes nuts outside?

Would you like to be able to take your dog with you when you visit your favourite cafe?

Then Practically Perfect Basics is for you and your dog.

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“You were very easy going, no dog was too much of a challenge, you knew how to adapt the exercises for each dog and advance the exercise so no dog was sitting around bored”
Samantha & Apollo.

What Will You and Your Dog Learn?

You will strengthen your basic skills such as Down Dog and Sit Stays.

Can you and your dog complete the obstical course
without your dog pulling you along?

Will your dog be the quickest dog in the come here races?
These Exercises will help you and your dog develop flawless skills.

We focus on ‘Give me the toy‘ asking your dog to let go of their toy on cue and also ‘Get me the toy‘ asking your dog to go get their toy.

‘Let’s spin and twist‘ asking your dog to move in circles in different directions this helps build their confidence at following your instructions and
well its just good fun!

Included in this part is an Tug Training Toy to help you practice your new exercises at home!

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Where & When are classes

Classes are based in Leith Sunday Mornings at 11.10am.
South Leith Parish Church Halls – Max 4 dogs.

Classes return on 9th Feb 2020

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24page workbook
comes with the class.


6 x 1 hour classes.
Welcome Pack with a packet of Training Treats.
24pp Workbook to keep.
Email support for the duration of the course.

Silver - Most Popular

As Bronze with 
1 x 1hr group training walk held on the weekend during the 4th week. Access to a Private Facebook Group where you can , ask me questions anytime, contect with other owners and show off your dogs skills.


As Silver With
60 mins 1 to 1 training with me, I will come to your home or go for a walk with you to help with any problems you’re having.


To book your place or ask any questions please just send me an email

If you want to book into a class please state which class and location you are booking. Plus a bit of info about you and your dog.

I will get back in touch with sign up forms and payment information.

Please note payment is required to secure your place.

Refunds are not issued for missed classes.

I’d recommend this class, the dogs enjoyed it and the atmosphere in the room was very positive with lots of fun along the way”
Suzanne & Babs

“We liked finding skills that can be used to distract our dog from off lead dogs”
Mark & Skip

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