My Inspiration

My Dogs

These are the inspiration for Edinburgh Holistic Dogs, they are my dogs past and present!!!


A big lovable Old English Sheepdog he was my best friend for 4 years. He was a complete flirt, he lived for meeting people of all ages…I think he believed everyone had come out to see him. I put his flirting to good use and he became a Therapet visiting care homes and occasionally visiting Edinburgh University for Paws Against Stress. Flash couldn’t resist a ball being thrown, loved playing chase, running through mud & finding muddy water he could paddle in. Sadly Flash crossed the rainbow bridge Dec 2017. He made a everlasting impression on everyone he met, people still talk about him to me today and he has left a huge hole in my life.


A small loveable OId English Sheepdog. She’s a wee furball and always has a smile. Nora loves nothing more than hunting for sticks to carry and chasing birds. Nora is a known sock thief, after one emergency operation it now means I know the exact location of all my socks!!! She is full of energy (and never stops moving) and loves playing with other dogs. Nora is currently away being a show dog wining dog shows in the UK and Europe! She is my wee superstar and will be back with me soon.


This big sheepdog arrived into my life in March 2018, he will be 6 in Sept. Erick loves nothing more then putting his nose to the ground and following it. He really is a softie and stamps his feet when he wants to play. I call it his happy dance! Erick is also a Therapet with Canine Concern Scotland, its a job he loves and is a master at flirting!


A small crazy OId English Sheepdog. Ally is staying with Erick and I while Nora is away. She has the craziest hair and runs on nuclear energy! Sometimes I think Allys paw’s are made of springs the way she bounces about. She loves to run and bark at the same time, when she is quiet she prefers to lay on her cool mat even when its cold!

She is happy girl who’s body shakes when she wags her tail


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