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Dog Training in Edinburgh Prices

Dog Training in Edinburgh Prices – Barking, Pulling and Anxious?


Oh thats expensive for JUST training my dog! When I hear this phrase I do the biggest eye roll and tell them thats ok I’m not the dog trainer for you then. 

Edinburgh Professional Experienced and Qualified Dog Training 1-2-1

There are other cheaper trainers out there. That usually stops them in their tracks, EVERY time I know they are expecting me to beg them to take me on or offer to drop my price – I won’t do either. Why? Because I rock at what I do.

I have spend considerable time and money investing in my training and education, which is always ongoing. I don’t do all this to sell myself short. I’m a published author and have been offering bespoke, personal and effective human and dog training for years.

FREE Dog Training Resources Online and Telephone Consultations

Personal 1-2-1 Edinburgh Dog Training In Your Home –  I cover Edinburgh, Dalkeith, Tranent, Linlithgow, Broxburn, Kirkliston, Penicuik and Grangemouth

So What Do I Do Then? – I am a rewards based dog trainer, that means I actively reward a dog when they do something right and I manage or ignore unwanted behaviours, after all in the world according to ours dogs what gets rewarded gets repeated.

But I am more than JUST a dog trainer, I specialise in working with Romanian and Foreign Rescue Dogs. These guys need a little bit more help than your typical dog training as they find adjusting to our world difficult.

Did you know Foreign Rescue dogs have a different set of priorities compared to our British dogs? Its true and its this fact that is the root of most problems.

Alert barking at every noise or person who passes your home, scared of people especially men, love dogs and become reactive when they can’t meet every dog they see. In short they do what is safe for them and what will keep them safe.

These traits are very common and also easy to manage and undo, however they are also very easy to make worse when the wrong approach is taken.

Reactive, Nervous Stressed Rescue Dog Specialist – Romanian Stray Expert

A beautiful dog called Frankie I work with is a rescue from Romania, he arrived with a real fear of a the dog lead and being a scared dog he kept himself in his crate aka his safe space. Now rightly so his owners got a dog trainer in who said he could help with him, unfortunately his approach turned Frankies fear of the lead into a full blown anxiety inducing panic around leads. This trainer didn’t understand the crate was Frankie’s safe space and took it away, causing Frankie to shut down. The trainer had the nerve to say Frankie was being stubborn and just doing as he pleased.

Frankie and his owners have come on in leaps and bounds since I stepped in, training for Frankie is all about confidence and trust building as well as teaching him basics. There is still work to do around his lead phobia but in his own time Frankie will conquer it.

Award Winning Dog Trainer Edinburgh, Scotland

I work with Reactive Dogs so they and their owners can have stress free walks and relax more. Reactive dogs get a bad reputation, these are the dogs that in most cases kick off barking when they see a trigger. The barking is usually out of being scared by the trigger or being frustrated/excited by it.

As a owner of a reactive dog, let me tell you as an owner having a barking lunatic makes you feel like a bad dog mum, you end up embarrassed and changing up your life so you can avoid as many triggers as possible.

Some trainers will focus on just stopping the barking, this leads to a temporary fix. With a reactive dog you must understand why your dog is barking, what is it that is causing this reaction. Only then can you begin to deal with the problem and eliminate it. For example un-diagnosed pain is primary cause of reactivity, meaning the dog barks to keep the triggers away so he can protect himself.

Dog Owner Training Edinburgh – Professional Rescue Puppy Trainer

A common problem I see is when a dog is reactive at seeing other dogs, sometimes it is about particular types or breeds, some times its because the dog had a really bad experience as puppy so he barks to stop other dogs coming near. Its my job to show you how to manage your dog to prevent him kicking off and then also teach him to have better associations with the dog or trigger.

A massive part of Reactive Dog Training is the Human training – I actually give out self care training for the owners, to help them get out of the negativity that consumes you as an owner of a reactive dog. It also helps you really enjoy your dog and rediscover the fun!

Dog Training Weekly Courses – Lessons and Tuition Local to You

First of all as a prospective client we have to have a chat on the phone, this allows me to understand what is happening for you, whats happening for your dog and to determine if I am the right trainer for you. (Yes I will tell you if your problem is out of my area of knowledge and point in the direction of someone better qualified to help).

I don’t take on a new client just via emails, this can all to easily cause crossed signals and misunderstandings. Think about it, if you’re going to spend money on a professional service then surely you and the service provider should be ensuring they can 100% help you.

I’ll tell what you and your dog need, its your free prescription! Then if you’re the right kind of client for me I’ll take you through my training programme offer.

6 Week Dog Training Programme 121 Sessions 1 hour – Bespoke To Owners

Typically I work on a programme of 6 x 121 sessions, each an hour long. I come to you and your dog, then create a bespoke training plan tailored to you, your life and what you want to achieve.

The first session is always my fact finding mission, I go through plenty of questions so I can build a detailed picture of your dog and their life. Covering what they eat, where they sleep, what they like and dislike…. plus much much more.

The more I know about you and your dog, the better my plan of help will be. Little changes in your dogs life can give your big improvements in their behaviour.

After each session I email you typed up notes within 48 hours. This takes the pressure off you at making your own notes or having to remember everything. It means you’re getting a training manual for your dog and you can easily share it with everyone involved in their life.

I also become your trainer in your pocket, that means you can get in touch with me when you need to in between sessions. So if you have a question or something has happened and you want to talk it through, then you get to pick up the phone to me. I’d rather you dealt with things as they crop up and not feel like you should wait until your next session.

Dog Walking and Training Outdoors and Indoor Public Sessions

My training takes place where you need it to work, its pointless me doing all the training in your home when the problems you’re struggling with take place outside. So together we will go where you like to walk your dog or even where you wish you could take your dog.

The other week a training session actually took place in The Raeburn as Bernie the dog was struggling with people coming up to the table. I sat and had a coffee with his owners while, talking them through the training they’d already been practicing from our previous sessions. Bernie smashed it, didn’t bat an eyelid at the comings and goings, his owners were able to relax instead of being on edge.

I’ve practiced Recalls with owners in The Meadows, walked up and down streets, watched buses go past and more. I want you to know and believe you can do the training in real life!

Dog Training Edinburgh – FREE 30 Minute Telephone Consultation

You can book a FREE 30 minute phone call with me here. You get to talk me through the problems you’re having with your dog from the big stuff to the little stuff. As you talk, I’ll be busy taking notes so I can ask you questions.

I might just need you to expand a bit of information you mentioned ie what does your dog like when hes barking is he pulling at the end of the lead or is it bark and run away.

Usually I like to know how long as the problem been going on? Is it new or old, has it become worse or stayed the same. For Rescue dogs I like to find out what the dogs life was like before he arrived with you, so I’ll ask what you know and where you got him from.

From our chat, I’ll tell you what your dog needs aka your prescription for training and I don’t mind if you take that to another dog trainer. I’ll share with you free training tips along with emailing them over to you.

Questions about training your rescue dog, a fix for every problem

I am also always happy to answer your questions typically people ask if I can guarantee the training will work and fix the dog!

You wouldn’t expect your Hairdresser to be cheap because its only hair, your Car Mechanic to be cheap because surely if you fix one engine you can fix them all and you sure as hell wouldn’t expect your decorator to work for cost because its just painting a wall, wall papering your stairs or re-doing your bathroom. These jobs just like mine can’t be done by studying one book and passing the knowledge on and these jobs when done right will last you.

Unfortunately there are no guarantees in dog training, as there are a lot of factors to consider like how your dog responds to training, how much time and effort you put in, the age and health of your dog and your lifestyle. No dog trainer can guarantee results, but we always say, we under promise and over perform at every opportunity!

My dog will bark at you when you visit, is that ok? Absolutely I am use to being barked at and its important that you know, I won’t touch or speak to your dog unless they are relaxed with me. By ignoring them I’m actually taking the pressure off them so they can inspect me or stay away.

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