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Adventure Time  - Our Adventures and Visits are designed to let your dog play, sniff and tire ​themselves out!

while they are treated all times with a positive attitude and positive re-enforcement. 

What are the benefits of an

Edinburgh Holistic Dogs Adventure?

If you are coming home to a dog that's bouncing off the walls or they have taken to chewing you shoes. Maybe you just them to make new friends and have new experiences then our Adventures are just what they need.

Our adventures are designed to let your dog socialise, make new friends and learn. This is all done with our use of positive re-enforcement while in our care.

We play games that include fastest sit, chase the walker, recall games, find it and fetch. The reasons for games is to provide mental stimulation so your dog is always thinking while getting their physical stimulation too.

 While all the dog's love the games and its entertaining for us the main reason is ensure that their attention is directed towards their walker and they can be kept under control when off lead.

We build an individual bond with your dog making sure they are happy and relaxed in our care. This also enables us to anticipate their needs in any situation and understand them better.

When your dog is taken home they'll be relaxed, tired and ready to sleep the rest of the day away,

Why have average walks when you can have unique adventures?

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A holistic approach means the whole dog is taken care of & treated as an individual.

To have a healthy dog they need to be happy, well exercised both physically and mentally.

This encourages a balanced and relaxed dog.


No two dogs are the same so why should they be treated like that? Find out more here

Here's what our customers say

Suzanne is really flexible and chilled out, which is great cos Iris is full of beans. I always get her back relaxed and content, having been playing with her new pals all day. Maz & Iris

I know when my two spaniels are with her that they are in good hands and having fun. She's very knowledgeable and I trust her implicitly. She's very calm and gentle. Angie, Milo & Echo