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Has My Dog Got Chronic Pain?

Dog Training Edinbugh Advice – Has My Dog Got Chronic Pain? It a strange question isn’t it? Surely you’d know if your dog was in pain or discomfort, they’d tell us humans right? Well its not always obvious, it can cause complex behaviours to emerge and it can go undiagnosed for  weeks, months and even …

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Get Your Dog To Listen by Strengthening Your Bond.

You will already have a bond with your dog by providing him with a warm home, a cosy bed, food and safe place to live. A bond is that invisible rope that ties you both together, it goes beyond love. It helps you both gain trust and confidence in each other these are the foundations of the bond. This bond is what keeps your dog from taking off without when he sees an open door or you let him off lead in the park. Its keeps him engaged and listening to you, it is in short a big deal.

How To Choose The Right Groomer For My Nervous Dog

The first thing you must be conscious of is that grooming is a procedure which most dogs relate the Vets to. Typically, the environment is stressful and over-crowded, the atmosphere is rushed and on-edge and, the general approach is “get the dog done in 1.5 hours” – the dog grooming industry is more of a fashion industry than a welfare one.

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