Canine Happiness Officers

Our Dog walkers are really Canine Happiness Officers!

Edinburgh Holistic Dogs has its own Dog Walking manual to ensure that all Canine Happiness Officers work with the dogs and create positive adventures in the same way Suzanne would.
The manual covers using the right equipment, ensuring vehicles go through safety checks before each walk and importantly how to use positive re-enforcement.
Additionally all new members have to complete several training walks with Suzanne before being taken on.

Meet Canine Happiness Officer Tamsyn

Dogs have always been a huge part of my life. I grew up with Border collies and some of my happiest memories are either walking dogs or creating assault courses in the garden. My first dog, Henry, who would lovingly oblige me if there was a treat in it for him.

If I wasn’t out with my dogs I would be out with friends and their dogs, my family home was often a holiday home for friends dogs of all shapes and sizes. I always enjoyed building a bond with them and getting to know their individual characters.

Having been brought up with Border collies I quickly learnt the importance of an active and interesting life for them. I watched our second dog be trained from a puppy and then as he got older master the basic tricks. I would teach him new ones which would entertain him and build the bond between us.

I have never lived long without a dog, even at University I would go home frequently. Since my dog, Gaspode, passed away last year at the good old age of 17 I have been missing spending time time with dogs and walking them so when the opportunity to do it for a job came up I jumped at the chance.

As well as getting to walk dogs and getting to know them it is an opportunity to learn more skills in caring for dogs and understanding them, their behaviour and their body language better, and especially their little quirks!

Tamsyn covers Leith EH6 and EH7.

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