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How my dogs saved my life

As I write this we are nearing the end of Mental Health Awareness week in the UK, my mental health as taken a bashing over the years and I am comfortable with status as ‘Dealing with Depression’ that I wanted to share with you my story. My teenage years weren’t great I was bullied badly

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5 reasons why playtime with your dog is important!

Yes thats right playtime between you and your dog is really important,I know I have mentioned this before but it does easily get over looked especially as your dog gets older. Play provides cognitive, physical and social benefits for dogs – and it’s a great way to relieve stress for you both! I love playing

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8 Benefits of Taking Your New Puppy to Training Class

Getting a new puppy is a exciting time as you welcome your new 4 pawed puppy into your home and family. It’s easy in your first few months together to be a little relaxed in your approach to training your puppy.While it might be cute when your 10-week-old puppy barks at every bird that flies

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The Last Time I Would Ever Use A Flexi Lead

5 Reasons To Ditch Your Flexi Lead. Way Before I Began My Professional Dog Career as a walker and trainer, I was just your average dog owner. I had an Old English Sheepdog called Flash, he was my world and I loved him to bits. We enjoyed long walks, playing ball and meeting people together.I

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How To Stop Your Dog Pulling

He Just Drags Me From One Lamp Post To The Next!Its 7am and I am out walking Erick, who even at this early hour as I am yawning my head off he is alert and following his nose, dragging me along with him. Yep with Erick my 38kg Old English Sheepdog loves nothing more then

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My Dog Destroys The House When I Leave

Ally is my 18 month old, Old English Sheepdog and she is generally well behaved (I use generally very loosely!). Ally loves it when the Postman visits because new post means new things to shred to tiny tiny pieces and scatter them throughout out my flat.I can’t begin to tell you how annoyed I am

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How do I stop my dog pulling?

I am a member of a few Old English Sheepdogs Facebook pages I love seeing other peoples Old English Sheepdogs (Although mine will always be the loveliest). I enjoy these pages because its a place where you can chat to fellow owners about the highs and lows of owning a sheepdog.A post that came up

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Does it hurt my dog when he pulls on the lead?

The hidden Damage Caused By Your Dog Pulling On His Lead. When I first got Flash he would drag me everywhere on lead, there was never any let up from him even when I could hear his breathing become more laboured he still never stopped. I honestly believe if I let him he would keep

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My Dog Won’t Walk on his Lead

I had a new dog join my morning crew this week, Bracken is a lovely doodle dog with a handsome smile. However Bracken is one of these rare dog’s that doesn’t pull he will stand still and ground himself to earth to become an immovable dog. So picture the scene I am stood with one

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My Dog Pulls Like Crazy

‘Flash, Flash Stop Pulling And Walk Will You!!!’ That was me along time ago with my then dog Flash to try and get him stop pulling and just walk. I almost willed it on most walks, I began to hate our walks up the street not only that my shoulder just ached. I somehow expected

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