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A visit to The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

So I told you all last week that I am officially ‘In the Dog House’ with The Edinburgh Dog and Cat home (EDCH). Happening this Friday 27th myself and apox 15 other Edinburgh resisdents and business owners will be going head to head to raise as much money as we can while we are LOCKED

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What if your Rescue Dog has issues? The story of my Flash pt 2

Flash bounded into my life in August 2014, he was genuinely the biggest Old English Sheepdog I had seen he had the longest legs and the biggest smile. I have told you about his lack of manners with dogs, that he wouldn’t let me groom him, that he’d drag me about on our walks and how he didn’t have bite inhabition.

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Why I’m ‘In The Dog House’ with Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home!

Yes thats right, I am officially ‘In The Dog House’ with The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home (EDCH). Further more I’m proud to have been chosen to put in there well me and 17 other Edinburgh locals! In The Dog House is an annual fundraising event held by EDCH, each participant is put into their

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Is it wrong to return a rescue dog back to their shelter?

There is no black and white answer to this. I love to say Yes its wrong, you must keep your new dog and learn to co-exist by giving them the best life ever. But until you’re faced with a situation that has you questioning if adopting this particular dog was the right thing to do

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Edinburgh Fringe Fireworks Survival Guide

My guide to helping your dog survive Edingburgh Fringe Fireworks. Yes for the month of August nearly every night we get to hear if not see the firework disply that finishes of the Tattoo. While it is brilliant to watch the noise can be un-nerving for our dogs so I have put together this survival

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The benefits of adopting a dog – the story of my Mabel

There are lots of reasons why people adopt a dog instead of buying a puppy the desire to reduce the number of dogs in shetters, save a dog from the streets, the cost as adoption is generally cheaper and so on. For me it simply came down to time. I knew hand heart that even

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5 Top Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool Indoors.

As I write this it is so bloody warm and I am sat inside a darken flat! I know I shouldn’t complain but I am but I’m sticky and uncomfortable urgh! Please can I get a side of fresh air with this sunshine? As you know dogs can only cool down through panting and can only sweat through the pads on their paws.

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I hated dog training classes

Yep its true I use to hate going to dog training classes and I have tried a fair few in my time. Years before I become a professional dog walker and started studying to become a dog trainer I adopted a one year old, Old English Sheepdog called Flash (he’s the Practically Perfect Logo). Flash

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The Friendliest Dug Cafe in Edinburgh

I love Edinburgh its so dog friendly and before I moved here 7 years ago I hadn’t experiacned any place like it. Not only are the dog owning locals friendly but the non dog owning locals are dog friendly. Its rare that I can take my dogs for a walk without bumping into someone who

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How To Tire Out Your Housebound Dog!

When you find yourself with a dog that is on limited exercise or can’t really go far for a walk its easy to worry about how you’re gonna tire them out, keep them happy and how can you stop them getting bored.I know how you feel just recently I was faced with both my dogs

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