About Me

About Me

My name is Suzanne and in February 2017 I created Edinburgh Holistic Dogs an unrivaled Dog Walking service, Its inspired by own two Old English Sheepdogs Flash and Nora – they are my logo.

My team and I are really Canine Happiness Officers providing our unique ‘Adventure Filled Walks’.
We don’t believe in boring average dog walks.

I launched Practically Perfect Dog Training in 2019 with the aim of transforming Mischieous Mutts into Practically Perfect Pooches! I do with my own training system Practically Perfect Protocol™

Photography by Nicola Ptak

Suzanne Chief Canine Happiness Officer

My story with dogs starts as a toddler, when ever I played in my playpen our family Old English Sheepdog puppy Sooty would jump in to play with me the moment my mum’s back was turned (that’s him in the photo with me). Sooty is the reason why I love dog’s, we were inseparable my parents always knew that wherever I was Sooty would be with me and vice versa. Sooty was my first fur brother growing up, I have been lucky to have many fur brothers and sisters over the years and in fact I still do (they are all in the photo at the top). Growing up with dogs means I can play wrestle like a pro, cleaning up poop and of course the occasional bit of vomit is part of everyday life, walks happen in all weathers and really life is always better with a dog or two! ​
I haven’t always worked with dogs truth be told I would have loved to be a Vet but I wasn’t really not smart enough for that. So I embraced my creative side completed a degree in Textile Design and became a clothing designer. I worked for high street brands and then ended up in Edinburgh as the designer for a family run ladies clothing brand. Sadly I was made redundant when the company was sold, I turned it into an opportunity to switch careers and follow my love of dogs to start my own business. At the time I owned two Old English Sheepdogs called Flash and Nora. Flash is the reason I really understand dog’s as I learned loads from him and he became my best friend. I adopted this crazy big furball of love and happiness when Flash was aged one. Flash arrived with several behavioural issues, He was 35kgs of dog with a serious stubborn Streak he was use to doing what he wanted when he wanted. He had no bite inhibition so I was covered in bruises from his mouthing. He wouldn’t be groomed and sadly arrived with matts this meant that my mum and I had to shave him. Every dog he saw he had to meet yet he wasn’t sure how to say hello and every walk involved me being dragged around!!! During our first month together I did wonder what the hell I had done taking Flash on and I even cried down the phone to my mum more than once! But the reality was I had fallen in love with him and through serious hard work, patience and determination I was able to undo these habits
We joined a dog training club I was more embarrassed then not in the first year, he was so enthusiastic that he didn’t always do as I asked. 2 years later Flash gained his Canine Good Citizen Gold Award. I became a proud Dog Mum when Flash became a registered Therapet with Canine Concern Scotland, and we visited a care home once a week where he flirted and gave out cuddles. He’s was a Blood donor for the Pet Blood Bank UK and also more than once he was on standby at our vets for emergency donation. Nora joined Flash and I 3 years later, she is a lovely little non stop girl. The only day Flash never once smiled was the day I brought Nora home, but they became fast friends. So I created Edinburgh Holistic dogs with Flash and Nora by my side and joining me out my ‘Adventure Filled Walks’. For me all the dog’s I walk are part of my family, they are the equivalent of nieces and nephews in my eyes meaning I get to be Fun Anuty Suzanne. I refer to all the dog’s I walk as ‘Kids’ and if you ever see me out my groups you will hear me calling that out to them. I love the individual personalities and quirks each dog has, I have nicknames for most of them too. Molly is called Molly-pops, Tiny is Tiny-dog, Roo is Roobear, Reuben and Ruby both get Rubes! Flash also answered to Tatty head (I don’t know where I got that name from), Nora is Little girl my current dog Erick is Little boy or Erickals!

My Qualifications

When I haven’t been out walking dogs I have been studying hard learning and expanding my canine knowledge since I started the business I have achieved the following

Diploma in Holistic Canine Behaviour by Canine Principles
Diploma in Holistic Canine Care & Therapy.
Diploma in Canine Communication accredited by New Skills Academy.
Diploma in Canine Homeopathy
Emergency Canine First Aid by R2S
Canine First Aid

On going studies include becoming a practitioner in Canine Touch, a hands on approach to help dogs relax.
Also a Canine Principles Canine Coaching Diploma

Courses Attended
4 days Practical Instructor Training Course for dog training by IMDT
2 day Career as a Dog Trainer by IMDT
Perfect Puppy course by IMDT

My dogs are my family and that is exactly how I will treat your dogs and pets.


A Few More Things About Me

Fully Insured ~ Hold a clean Disclosure Scotland PVG ~ Diploma in Pet Care Business Canine First Aid certificate ~ Emergency Canine First Aid Certificate ~ Diploma in Canine Communication Diploma in Canine Holistic Health and Therapy ~ Diploma in Canine Homeopathy Registered with City of Edinburgh Council
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